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A thirtysomething gal, a wife, a mama, and avid runner. Completely abusive relationship with coffee. Attached mama and semi-control freak, realist with perfectionist dark side. Prone to random song and dance.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day after Labor day. Charis off to school in her first long pants of the year. This is her third week of school. Owen still teething and stuffed up. Me, working on the house. Trying, slowly, to gather all of the unneeded and unused. Trying to throw out the broken and bruised. Trying to organize the rest and enjoy O during the day. I am impressed with his naps, they seem to be fairly regular and long. I think the boy is a napper. I am trying to lose the last 10+ pounds from pregnancy. I haven't run in a week, yet that run was 8.98 miles, so I am not stressin, really. I did my 10lb. weights today, a really good leg workout. Make 'em burn, I tell you. Just want them to come off and stay off so I can enjoy all of my clothes as summer turns into fall, turns into winter. The seasons, they just keep on a' changin. My kiddos, they just keep on growing and I, just keep on movin'. It's a good life. Yes, it is.

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