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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blah blogger blah!

Today, Owen and I spent four hours or so at the doctors office, and the cable company. Blah. I feel like my whole day is wasted, but it wasn't really and I know that. Owen got his second shot, a dtap so we keep away the whooping cough. That shizzles nasty, yo! Our doctor is so good, but it takes FOR freeekin EVA to get in. Our appt was at ten fourty five, but we got in the office at 1155 and were done by one. Then, we had to run to the cable co and pay the bill (which I got moved down 2o bucks per month, not bad!) and turn in a box. We are trying to cut corners, live frugally, and see where our money really goes. Gone are the impromptu shopping for "just the right shirt" or a cute little tee for care bear, or Target on a mission to spend 800 bucks. Here to stay are coupons, budgets, cheapo half pound ground beef meals remade in creative ways.
I sound fussy.
I am... but I still feel alright. I came home to a clean house, a sleeping baby, and dinner ready to cook tonight. I want to run tonight. But I want to be present in the children's evening... and take it easy on Joel, my main man-tag team mate.
We'll see what happens. Breakfast for dinner tonight! Aaron is going to cook..... and Charis and I are having omelets. Owen may be getting his first bite of rice cereal tonight! he could eat all day, and still eat some more. But, he does refuse very clearly when he is full. The boy just likes food, you know? He sure is a cutey :)
I think way faster than I type. I have so much to say. Maybe it's because I spend so much of my time alone (but with Owen) and don't interact as much. I am home alone, more of a hermit. It's ok. baby o is stirring... gotta share the love :)

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