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Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th

Just to record history, I was in bed at my house that I shared with my older brother, Aaron. He came in my room and turned the tv on just in time for me to wake up and see the second plane hit the tower. We sat on the couch and watched tv for what seemed like days, staring in amazement and letting the event sink in. I remember the nextg day at work (which was my 22nd birthday) fearing the sound of anything overhead, not knowing if it were an attack. Common sense said Kansas City was safe, but dude. It was a terrorist attack. Anything goes. So... here we are ten years later, and I remember that the impact of nine eleven (as it has been called for the last ten years) led me to believe I wanted a family, a life to enjoy, the richness that is experience and memories of the human existence. I wanted those things, and so I called Joel. We hadn't been talking, much. I didn't even know if he would call back. But by Thanksgiving of that year, we were talking again.


Nine eleven gave me a family. It changed my course, in some ways. I chose to stop my nomadic existence, and experience things I before hadn't known if I ever wanted. I'll stop with the vagueness now. Just sayin. It changed me. It changed us. It was a moment all of us will never forget.

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