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A thirtysomething gal, a wife, a mama, and avid runner. Completely abusive relationship with coffee. Attached mama and semi-control freak, realist with perfectionist dark side. Prone to random song and dance.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm not alone!

Yay, I have a follower now! It's the small things, really.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Owens first camping trip was this past Friday, and it was a blast! We played charades bythe fire, roasted marshmallows and took some hikes.  Charis learned about indians and thanksgiving. More on that later. Just had to upload a pic for you. I love my perfect little family.

Blogger on my phone!

O ate his first meal today... a tablespoon of whole grain brown rice cereal. And he loooved it!!!

Blah blogger blah!

Today, Owen and I spent four hours or so at the doctors office, and the cable company. Blah. I feel like my whole day is wasted, but it wasn't really and I know that. Owen got his second shot, a dtap so we keep away the whooping cough. That shizzles nasty, yo! Our doctor is so good, but it takes FOR freeekin EVA to get in. Our appt was at ten fourty five, but we got in the office at 1155 and were done by one. Then, we had to run to the cable co and pay the bill (which I got moved down 2o bucks per month, not bad!) and turn in a box. We are trying to cut corners, live frugally, and see where our money really goes. Gone are the impromptu shopping for "just the right shirt" or a cute little tee for care bear, or Target on a mission to spend 800 bucks. Here to stay are coupons, budgets, cheapo half pound ground beef meals remade in creative ways.
I sound fussy.
I am... but I still feel alright. I came home to a clean house, a sleeping baby, and dinner ready to cook tonight. I want to run tonight. But I want to be present in the children's evening... and take it easy on Joel, my main man-tag team mate.
We'll see what happens. Breakfast for dinner tonight! Aaron is going to cook..... and Charis and I are having omelets. Owen may be getting his first bite of rice cereal tonight! he could eat all day, and still eat some more. But, he does refuse very clearly when he is full. The boy just likes food, you know? He sure is a cutey :)
I think way faster than I type. I have so much to say. Maybe it's because I spend so much of my time alone (but with Owen) and don't interact as much. I am home alone, more of a hermit. It's ok. baby o is stirring... gotta share the love :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th

Just to record history, I was in bed at my house that I shared with my older brother, Aaron. He came in my room and turned the tv on just in time for me to wake up and see the second plane hit the tower. We sat on the couch and watched tv for what seemed like days, staring in amazement and letting the event sink in. I remember the nextg day at work (which was my 22nd birthday) fearing the sound of anything overhead, not knowing if it were an attack. Common sense said Kansas City was safe, but dude. It was a terrorist attack. Anything goes. So... here we are ten years later, and I remember that the impact of nine eleven (as it has been called for the last ten years) led me to believe I wanted a family, a life to enjoy, the richness that is experience and memories of the human existence. I wanted those things, and so I called Joel. We hadn't been talking, much. I didn't even know if he would call back. But by Thanksgiving of that year, we were talking again.


Nine eleven gave me a family. It changed my course, in some ways. I chose to stop my nomadic existence, and experience things I before hadn't known if I ever wanted. I'll stop with the vagueness now. Just sayin. It changed me. It changed us. It was a moment all of us will never forget.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fresh air.

Today, Charis went off to school in a new bright pink tutu, pink tights, and a new shirt and cardigan. She has been so easy to dress for her first weeks of kindergarten! It was below fifty when we woke up, for the first time in 100 plus days. Owen wore a little striped sweater from cousin Meghan's huge collection of hand-me-downs. The weather is perfect. The windows are open, the sun is shining, and it feels like a new world out there. This was the year of a million 100degree plus days. But luckily, we were inside most of it with little baby O. Who, is cooing and smiling at me from his swing, taunting me with his "no-nap" attitude today. But it's cute, so I'll let it slide.
Today, a little love to my baker's rack at some point. I am following flylady again... trying to bring the order to our chaotically small home, paring down and putting away. My goal is to get the house in such order that when it is time to move, we simply pack up what's left and get the heck outta dodge. I am gonna miss this house though, so many firsts. First preschool, first bachelor's degree, first kindergarten picture, Joel's graduation, mine, first marathon, our 30th birthdays....first boy.... sigh. My memories are making me melancholy lately. Gonna have to fix that somehow.
Will be adding pics to these posts either today or tomorrow. Gotta have pics!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day after Labor day. Charis off to school in her first long pants of the year. This is her third week of school. Owen still teething and stuffed up. Me, working on the house. Trying, slowly, to gather all of the unneeded and unused. Trying to throw out the broken and bruised. Trying to organize the rest and enjoy O during the day. I am impressed with his naps, they seem to be fairly regular and long. I think the boy is a napper. I am trying to lose the last 10+ pounds from pregnancy. I haven't run in a week, yet that run was 8.98 miles, so I am not stressin, really. I did my 10lb. weights today, a really good leg workout. Make 'em burn, I tell you. Just want them to come off and stay off so I can enjoy all of my clothes as summer turns into fall, turns into winter. The seasons, they just keep on a' changin. My kiddos, they just keep on growing and I, just keep on movin'. It's a good life. Yes, it is.