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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Owens first camping trip was this past Friday, and it was a blast! We played charades bythe fire, roasted marshmallows and took some hikes.  Charis learned about indians and thanksgiving. More on that later. Just had to upload a pic for you. I love my perfect little family.


  1. I love that you guys get out camping so often! I keep saying that we need to go, and we never do. Something always comes up or gets in the way. We even have a tent! This is perfect camping weather, too. Maybe if The Hubby can get two consecutive days off, we'll make it happen. It looks so relaxing!

  2. You should come with us! Yours and mine would have so much fun, and we can stay up late and have "adult recess", as Charis calls it. Cilnton lake is the best, too.

  3. That would be fun! As soon as we have a weekend free, I'll let you know!

  4. This motivates me. We have a hayride and bonfire we are hosting in 2 weeks so can't wait to get everyone together. Good blog post = )