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Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Blog... Oh!

So, Joel and I just did p90x for the first time; we skipped back and chest, cause who really cares about those anyways? Plyometrics was really fun, and showed how strong running has made my legs. Thankful for that! Joel had a bit of a tough time about halfway through, but with a little patience, he will be right there with me. Go healthy bodies!
We are about to pick Charis up from her last day of her first year of preschool... I intend to get a picture of her before we leave, showing just how much she has grown this past year. My, how different an almost-four-year old is from a barely three year old. Her imagination has soared (to include a little bit of fantasy lies) and her speech and letter recognition is way above par. Our joint goal as a family is to teach her to read this summer. In between play dates, my and joel's summer school, and all our intended trips to the zoo and parks and pools and such. Surely it will be too busy, but isn't that the Western way? Welcome to our blog. Stay tuned for all the Fortin Family Adventures....

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