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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tea towels are in!

 By the numbers: it takes 544,000 trees to feed Americans' paper towel habit each year; throw in disposable paper napkins, and that number tops 1 million
according to the National Resources Defense Council.

Just in case you were wondering :)


  1. Not only are paper towels bad for the environment, they're also very expensive! :(

    We've cut our paper towel consumption down by about 90% in the last couple of years. Our puppy has considerably upped our usage again, but as soon as she's fully housebroken, I look forward to buying fewer paper towels. Right now, I just use them to soak up the accident, but I throw a cloth on top of the spot after I've doused it with Kids n Pets.

  2. Awesome! We buy them occasionally but I now use reusable wipes for Owen and I go through tea towels like a madwoman. It really isn't adding to my laundry so much. I only use the paper for dog messes and the like. My little Nika, at nine years old, still can't make it through the night. sigh.