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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello Friday!

Hello hello! I just plugged my phone into my computer and downloaded (uploaded?) 1700 pictures. About half are Charis' shots, of random things like salt and pepper shakers. But I like to believe she has an eye for that stuff, so you know... I keep them.  It's Friday! YAAYY!! This afternoon Charis gets out of school early, and Dad is going to take her to the farm for the night. Owen and I are going to head to the city after that, and we are picking up Eric, our race packets, and eating dinner with the siblings-in-law (dan and rhonda).and then staying on the Plaza with my mom.  Whew.. tired already! 
enjoy a few pictures and have a great weekend! :)

little and me


Four legs
Birthday spoon

Pesto lunch

Birthday company

miniature Battle of Lexington 

history lessons


afternoon delights

fashion is what you make it :)

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