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Friday, October 28, 2011

No new news, but no bad news.

Wow, it's already been two weeks since I posted last... sorry if you were stepping in to see something fabulous (hahahahahaha :) ... but hey! It's been a busy two weeks, for sure; the race, pumpkin patch, family reunions, pto book fairs... you know. family and school stuff.  I actually have a few minutes alone, with O asleep in the swing, and C almost home from school. This "riding the bus" thing rules!  At first I was feeling all guilty, choosing not to drop her off at school so that Owen and I wouldn't have to leave the house twice a day (sometimes now we never leave the house), and sacrificing that time with Charis. But really, she is fine. FINE!  sniffle, sniffle... any hoo...

I don't have my pictures of the race yet, but when I do I will be sure to write about it. It was great!  I'll post our pumpkin patch and family reunion stuff sometime this weekend. Tomorrow we are shopping for Charis' xmas gifts, and going to my Grandma's for October birthdays (which I am still not sure if I know who those are, lol. But free food! ). Other than that... time at home!  No cities to drive to, no overnights away. Time at home :).  Starting with girls' night tonight, with Care Bear (aka Carius Bearius, Sis, Biggie smalls... Charis...). We are going to see a play at the university here in town, called Ribbit. I think it is a Frog Prince themed piece, so that should be tolerable  fun.  Here's a pic (or four) to enjoy! Have a great Friday folks!

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