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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Look at me! Over here, Look at me!

Hey, guys, I'm versatile!  Really, someone out there in the universe thought of me today and that made the day start out beeeautiful.  TB, over at year31. She is super witty, funny, sweet, and VERSATILE.  Really, she won an award for it!  And in the blog world, that's like a golden oscar or something.
So, I sat and stewed about writing something really important, because some of you may have come via TB and I don't want to disappoint.  Back when I started this blog, I had grand ideas about style, green living, parenting, cooking, decorating.... but my life keeps getting in the way of me writing about my life.  HA!  I am amazed at how some of you do it!  Maybe I watch too much tv or something. Maybe it's cause I have a five month old and a five year old. Maybe I am lazy.  Maybe I wear my uggs way too much when I don't leave the house, thus all my energies are being sucked into those sweet, soft, luscious wool fibers and being redistributed into the universe. I dunno. Anyhoo.

Let's do the ten things about me:

1.  When I was a little girl, my Dad would take my sister and I on road-trips to places like New Orleans, Tennessee, and St. Louis.  As a result, I know how to change a tire, make a car tent, throw up on the highway, and belt out more Gloria Estefan and Beach Boys than any one else in the world.

2.  I love to dress up.  I have TONS of nice clothing, just waiting for the day when Owen is bigger and his food stays down longer.  I have tons of heels, for when I get that big job in corporate office with the important to-do list.  That may never happen and that's ok. I still have the shoes.

3. I got "best dancer" and" most musical" in my high school class.  I have been singing and dancing since I was three, and this has often resulted in most embarassing moments for my little girl, especially when my sister is in town and we belt out something like ABBA.

4.  I love Abba.

5.  When my son was born this May, the nurse wrote his name down as Owen Lucd Fortin.  It was supposed to be Luca, a nod to my husband's rich Italian ancestry, and you cannot imagine how hard it has been to get it changed. He is five months old and we are still waiting. Yay for weird Italian names and busy nurses.

6.  I cloth diaper my kiddos.

7.  I have always wanted to be a judge on the Supreme Court.  I imagine myself to be fair, neutral, and peaceful.  I may or may not be any of theses things.Please don't burst my bubble today, tho.  A girl can still dream!

8. I have always made fun of people who wear UGGS, until I put my poor little foot into one and felt that buttery soft fur against my tired, runner's feet.

9. I am running out of ideas.

10.  I LOVE to run. I have run a marathon and four half marathons, along with several 10k, 5k, and trail runs. The trail run was the most fun, but I am most proud of my very first half marathon.  The full was just gray on top!

So, there are ten things about me.  I realize this post got long quick.  Sorry. I am a run-on kinda girl, with a run-on mind and I just don't put the brakes on sometimes.  Hope you are enjoying this blustery day with someone you love. Or like, too.  O and I are camped out in the bedroom, listening to the first real wintery wind sweeping by the house.  Happy November!  Come back by sometime and see what's up in our world. thanks again Year 31!
To see the fabulous lady who gifted this award ( I sound so grown up and bloggy lol!)  click here


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